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Feather Tickle Massage

Experience the playful yet deeply relaxing Feather Tickle Massage at Tantric Fusion. Light, feathery strokes are expertly applied to your body, tantalizing your senses and creating a gentle, euphoric sensation. This unique approach stimulates the skin's nerve endings, promoting relaxation and a heightened state of pleasure. The delicate touch of feathers gliding over your skin transports you to a realm of serene bliss, where each movement is a whisper of pure delight.

This massage is highly recommended for anyone experiencing strong levels of stress. The Feather Tickle Massage is designed to calm the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for promoting rest and relaxation in the body. By engaging this system, the massage helps reduce stress, anxiety, and tension, allowing your mind and body to enter a state of deep tranquility.

The gentle, soothing nature of this massage makes it an ideal choice for those seeking to alleviate stress-related symptoms and enhance their overall well-being. As the feathers softly brush against your skin, you will feel the stress and worries of the day melt away, replaced by a profound sense of peace and contentment.

Price List

1-Hour Massage…….......………..£1000

1.5-Hours Massage……........…..£1,300

2-Hours Massage…….........……£1,680

Add +1h Sacred Connection…..£300

Add +1 Elevetor to Paradise......£300

Useful Information

We kindly inform you that the Feather Tickle Massage at Tantric Fusion is exclusively offered as an outcall service for new customers. The price list is tailored for one masseuses catering to one client. Please note that for two clients (couples) receiving the treatment simultaneously, a 100% surcharge will apply. This luxurious experience is available for both male and female clients, as well as couples seeking to indulge in this remarkable massage journey.

*Feather Tickle Massage at Tantric Fusion is exclusively conducted in the privacy of residences for our valued regular clients who have booked a minimum of two massages within the past year.

*For hotel bookings located outside London, an additional surcharge starting from £200 will be calculated to cover the transportation costs and time, ensuring seamless access to our exceptional service.

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