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The Transformational Healer at Tantric Fusion

Opal is a captivating and transformative mentor whose presence radiates profound healing energy and wisdom. With her deep understanding of psychology, intimacy, holistic sexuality, and shamanic practices, Opal dedicates her life to helping individuals reclaim their innate nature and transform their traumas into gifts.

Opal’s journey into holistic healing began with her graduation in psychology. She pursued extensive training in Tantra, holistic sexuality, and various healing arts, becoming a certified teacher of the 5Rhythms Dance, a dynamic movement meditation practice developed by Gabrielle Roth. This practice is central to her methodology, allowing her to guide others through the liberation of body, heart, mind, soul, and spirit.

Opal's Awakened Embodiment Methods helps people connect with their true nature and experience life as an ecstatic, orgasmic journey. She integrates influences from bioenergetics, humanistic, somatic, and transpersonal psychology, along with Gestalt therapy, psychodrama, and art therapy. Her spiritual influences include Tantra, meditation, yoga, and shamanism, which all contribute to her holistic approach to healing and transformation.

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**Services Offered:**
- **1:1 Psycho-Erotic Signature Reading or One-Off Coaching Sessions:** Ideal for individuals looking to start a mentorship program or seeking guidance on specific issues.
- **Intimacy, Embodiment & Bodywork In-Person Sessions:** Custom-designed sessions that include talking therapy, embodiment practices, bodywork, somatic release, and energy work.
- **5Rhythms Embodiment Practice:** A guided and dynamic movement meditation practice that helps individuals transform suffering into art, awareness, and action.

- **Ayurvedic Yoga Massage:** Combines deep tissue massage with coordinated breath work and yoga stretching to promote overall well-being.

- **Mentorship Programs:** These include "Awaken to Love," "Awakened Beauty," "Awaken to Pleasure," "Awaken to Your Naked Truth," "The Empowered Woman," "The Embodied Man," and "Mastering the Art of Intimacy" for couples.


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