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A Mesmerising Blend of Wisdom and Tranquility

Meet Jade, an extraordinary individual whose presence radiates serenity and profound wisdom. With a Brazilian-Italian heritage that speaks of rich cultural roots, Jade embodies a timeless beauty. She has full black hair cascading gracefully to her shoulders, adding to her very classy and elegant appearance. Her presence is calm and inviting, with well-designed eyes that reflect a deep inner knowing. Her naturally enhanced breasts, well-toned body from regular physical exercise, and graceful movements create an atmosphere of trust and tranquility.

Standing at 1.68m, Jade's slender yet curvaceous figure is a testament to her dedication to both mental and physical well-being. Her smooth, fair skin, free from any tattoos or piercings, enhances her natural allure. Jade's manicured nails and elegantly dressed appearance further accentuate her attention to detail and self-care. Her well-profiled nose, well-defined lips with a

white smile, and overall natural grace add to her captivating charm.

Jade's personality is a soothing blend of gentleness and intellectual depth. Her calm demeanour and empathetic nature make her an excellent listener and a compassionate guide. She is fluent in three languages, adding a layer of sophistication to her interactions.

In her free time, Jade is an avid reader and a passionate explorer of spiritual practices. Her interests range from yoga and meditation to golf in nature. These diverse hobbies enrich her life and contribute to her holistic approach to wellness.

Jade finds joy in nature, often spending her weekends hiking or enjoying quiet moments in botanical gardens. Her appreciation for the simple pleasures in life, such as a well-brewed cup of tea or a beautiful sunset, reflects her grounded and mindful approach to living.

With a fondness for soft classical music, organic foods, and English contemporary designs, Jade's tastes are as refined as her approach to therapy. Her sessions are thoughtfully crafted to provide a sanctuary of peace and personal growth.


Dress Size 8 / Footwear 5 UK 37 EU

 Tantric Massage Experience with Jade's Neuropsycho Expertise


Jade offers a transformative experience through her expertise in the Neuropsycho trip, involving a microdose of ayahuasca or mushrooms to elevate your state of consciousness and positive energy. The choice of substance, determined by Jade based on a pre-session consultation, aims to realign mind, body, and spirit, enhancing the body's response to the sensory experience.

Jade makes a one-of-a-kind fusion of tantric massage with her neuropsycho skills, bringing an amazing spiritual experience that connects mind, body, and soul. Perfect for those who crave an erotic physical journey that also nurtures the mind, Jade's sessions are a holistic treat. Her background in neuroscience, complemented by her postgraduate degree and extensive experience, ensures a safe and insightful journey. Jade's deep understanding of the mind-body connection allows her to guide you through an experience that is both intellectually stimulating and profoundly relaxing.

In Jade's presence, you embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Her genuine care and expertise create an environment where you can explore the depths of your consciousness and emerge with a renewed sense of self. Every encounter with Jade is a step towards a more balanced and enlightened life.


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